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How we get Happiness and Prosperity ?.

How we get Happiness and Prosperity ?.

How we get Happiness and Prosperity ?

As we know that all the people needs happiness and Prosperity whether taking ways are good or bad .But one thing is sure that all the people in the world are  running  fast to achieve happiness and prosperity ,even that they do not think about himself also. So that purpose I want to make aware about How we get Happiness and prosperity in our life .

Before we go further let us see what is Happiness And also What major step we should to take for the maintaining of happiness –

What is happiness ?


How we get Happiness and Prosperity ?.
How we get Happiness and Prosperity ?.

Happiness is the state of living mind to which people feel happy and also living in harmony with each other .And  we can say that It is real state of mind in which all people try to live in harmony in their life .One things is sure that we cannot buy a happiness from one person to other person .It is because’ buy’ words is always connect with the ‘ Money ‘,It is very clear that money can never buy a happiness because happiness is the state of  feeling in which people can realize that feel.

Now let us take a forward step to which it can help to maintain our state of happiness or we can say that basic guidelines of happiness –

  • Love

Love is the very special word in the world, in which all the people strike at once or more than once in their life .whether it will strike from us or from other person but fall down in love at once in life is more important step to achieve our happiness .but one things make sure that it should be in a positive side not even use in negative manner at once also.It indicates that we should love each and every things of our nature.


It is a one major step for achieve happiness in life .The word satisfaction indicate that we should always satisfy with our material whatever we have and also state that convert that material into  a  useful material. And also we should always be satisfy with our work and things in the life.

  • Joy

It is more important term in the happiness in which all people want to live always in their life because of it realize real feeling of the happiness .we should always maintain this term in the life.


How we get Happiness and Prosperity ?.
How we get Happiness and Prosperity ?.

Prosperity is a feeling of having more than required physical facilities .It is not just physical facilities .Almost all of us feel that wealth alone means prosperity ,but we can not say that .Wealth is a physical means having money or having a lot of physical facilities or both.

We are trying to achieve happiness and prosperity by maximizing accumulation and consumption of physical facilities .For prosperity two things is required.-

  • Identification of the required quantity of physical facilities.
  • Ensuring availability/ production of more than required physical facilities.





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