Facts about Internet of things | Project | Sensor CITFRAW - CITFRAW
Facts about Internet of things | Project | Sensor

Facts about Internet of things | Project | Sensor

Nowadays , if anythings are changing more that is technology and it is not only help to make useful machine but also help  to connect a things with a machine. At present every domestic equipment as well as a single thing also are connected with internet which is very useful for upcoming generation .Here I will talk about one of the best changing world technology or you can say digital connectivity of things with help of Internet and that topic is “Facts about Internet of things ( IoT )  | Project | Sensors”.

Lets take some important content of IoT –

Internet of Things ( IoT ) are the physical network device which embedded with all domestic equipment , electrical appliances , vehicles and other appliances connect it with Internet , which enables these things to connect and exchange data. the important thing of IoT is it have power to control any electrical device from anywhere with the help of internet connection . so that it make easy for all the human beings to control a electrical appliances of house at any time with the help of internet like Fan, cooler, refrigerator , AC,or other things which is used by human beings for the purpose of need that could be control by Internet of things (IoT).

Facts about Internet of things  | Project | Sensor
Facts about Internet of things | Project | Sensor


Now lets take some important project from the use of IoT-

1. Humidity and Temperature measure with help of Arduino and IoT-

The use of Arduino with the IoT is very important for this project because humidity and temperature information from DHT-11 sensor is analysed graphically on ThingSpeak platform using Arduino MCU and ESP8266 Wi-Fi module. the value of DHT-11 sensor is it help to sense the humidity and temperature and also send the information to the Arduino. so the importance of this project are it can solve the problem to get information about humidity and temperature of anyplace.

2. Liquid Level measurement –

In this project the important thing is that , liquid level can easily identify whether the liquid is useful for drink or not and also you can say that it might be help to make a portable water. So that reason behind the use of IoT in the liquid level measurement is that it will help to remove wastage of water fast with the help of technologies.

3. Project on Alarm clock-

In this project the main important role of the device is Raspberry Pi.When a simple alarm clock is not enough and you need an alarm, clock controlled by your phone, this Raspberry Pi could come to your rescue. You would be able to program different radio stations per different alarms; like  news channel for weekdays, music for weekends.

you can also work on the different type of project like-

  • Wireless Video Surveillance Robot

  • Smart Garage Door

  • Smart Trash Collector

  • Smart Office System

  • Hanging Bluetooth


Industries and organization used various kind of sensor but after IoT all the sensors are used by industries and organization at high level . By combining a set of sensors and a communication network, devices share information with one another and are improving their effectiveness and functionality.

Now lets see the different type of sensor used in IoT

1.Temperature Sensor

A device which is used to measure the heat to detect the physical change of temperature from a source and convert that data for a device or user that device used sensor is called temperature sensor.

2. Proximity sensor

A device which is used to detect a nearby object whether the object is present or absence or characteristics of that object convert it into a signal which is simply read by the user that device is called proximity sensor.

3. Pressure sensor

A device which is used to detect the pressure and convert that pressure into a electric signal that is called pressure sensor . Any type of pressure you can detect like water , air , heat or other so on.

lets see other different type of senor-

  • Water quality sensor

  • Chemical sensor

  • Gas sensor

  • Smoke sensor

  • IR sensors

  • Level sensors

  • Image sensors

  • Motion detection sensors

  • Accelerometer sensors

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