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health facts about fruits

health facts about fruits

health facts about fruits

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As we know that our world’s people are big fan of being a healthy body or we can say that each and every single people wants to stay a healthy body .so that purpose today I want to make aware of health importance as well as benefits of fruits and what are the importance of fruits in our daily life. All these important things will show you inside the page “ health facts about fruits “..let us see-

Importance of fruits for stay as healthy

The most important things about fruits are it is found almost all over the world . fruits are natural source of vitamins , mineral ,and also roughage .and all these source are essential for our proper functioning of the body . and  important role of fruits are it helps to maintain the functioning  our digestive tract , it help us to protect from disease .it also help to that people who want to lose their weight ; it give enough energy and nearly every  nutrients that your body need to curb weight  again , without adding any unnecessary fats

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Let us see what type of benefits it give to our body-

Instant energy provider

We know  very well that all the people want energy for doing something like walking more than your expectation ,running more and more , having disease and so on. So that purpose we can use  fruits ,because it gives ample of energy to do any kind of activity . most of the pregnant mother are used fruits for their own health as well as to her make healthy baby.

Protect from having disease

Fruits plays an vital role with our life because most of the doctor suggest to their patient to take fruits on the time of disease . because it helps so much to our body more than other things . the suggestion of doctor is not waste , they know very well that importance of fruits for the protection of our body from disease . it always make our body in an active at any time,each and every organ feels active after eat fruits .

Take fruits instead of use medicine

medicine effect

Most of the people try to use medicine ( tablet) instead of using fruits for their proper health but they do not know effect of medicine for body. Most of the medicine have their side effect so that it effect to our body . If people use fruits instead of medicine then it will more useful  for proper health.

For glowing skin

Most of the people  use different type of cream, for glow their skin but they do not know  after use of cream it effect will remain up to 1 and 2 hour itself but instead of use cream if you eat fruits in regular diet  it will useful  more than the  cream . for the purpose of glow skin you can use different fruits like banana , apple , orange or berries and see how it help to glow your skin .

Let us see the different category of fruits

Dry fruits

health facts about fruits
health facts about fruits

Most of the people take dry fruits for the protect from disease like apricots, dates, figs, and  raisins are fully beneficial for health. For the anemic condition apricot are used. For the controlling of blood pressure we can use figs , because it contains essential mineral like figs include potassium. Resins are used for the treatment of Anemia , fever , acidosis and also sexual weakness. Resins also help to you gain weight and protect Eye , teeth, and bone health.

Citrus fruits

health facts about fruits
health facts about fruits

This is one of the different category  of fruits .We know that fruits are rich in vitamin-C like orange , limes, lemons  and grape fruits .  For the healthy body ,glowing of skin, gums, and keep the lymphatic system healthy you can use Oranges. If you want to prevent disorder like scurvy , piles, and gout as well as respiratory and urinary disorder then use limes .Grapefruits lowers cholesterol and has antioxidant properties.



facts about the benefits of doing Yoga

facts about the benefits of doing Yoga

facts about the benefits of doing Yoga

As we know that in the world all the people are trying to maintain their body whether  from going in Jim or Yoga. But the most good thing for the maintenance of the body is to doing Yoga in Daily Life . It will help to each and every part of the body and also help to protect from disease.

facts about the benefits of doing Yoga
facts about the benefits of doing Yoga

Before we go further for the benefits of Yoga, It is  important to understand what Yoga really is .Yoga actually means” Union” or we can say it “Multitude”. It is a practice that connects the Body ,mind ,and spirit through different body postures meditation and controlled breathing.

Let us see the benefits of Yoga in our daily life –

  • Enhanced Circulation.

The very first things that yoga does is to improve the circulation of blood .This means better Transportation of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.It also improved blood flow also indicates healthier organs and glowing skin. The main thing is that it helps to feel alive of all the body part each and every time.

  • Lowered Blood pressure.

When you practice yoga regularly ,the blood circulation in the body enhanced . This also allows oxygenation in the body .There is a significant reduction in the blood pressure as the calms down.

  • A Drop in the Pulse Rate .

Yoga reduces the strain in the body .thereby easing it down . When the body relaxes ,the pulse rate is lowered . A low pulse rate indicates that our heart is strong enough to pump more blood in span of fewer beats.

  • Lowered Respiratory Rate-

Yoga involves a whole lot of controlled breathing .It entails filing your lungs to their full capacity ,thus allowing them to work more efficiently .

  • Better Cardiovascular Endurance.

Yoga improves oxygenation in the body and lower the heart rate. This results in higher cardiovascular endurance . It help to maintain the endurance in the body or  it can also help to run or to walk at any time.

  • Stimulation of Organs –

When you practice Yoga ,the internal organs are massaged ,thereby increasing your resistance to diseases .Also ,once you are attuned to your body ,after years of the practice , you will be able to tell instantly if your body doesn’t function properly.

  • Increased Immunity-

We all know very well that what is the function of immunity system in our body . Yoga and immunity go hand in hand .As yoga towards healing and enhancing every cell in the body , your body automatically becomes more immune.

  • Improved Sexuality –

Yoga increases your self confidence and offers complete relaxation and more control .this gives your sexuality a much needed boost.

Yoga helps you relax your mind completely .it helps you work on unnecessary tension ,thus facilitating better sleep . And it is one of the best  step in the Yoga to which all the body part get a time to feel as comfortable and also relax the full body part at a time .

  • Keeps Premature Aging At Bay-

  • facts about the benefits of doing Yoga
    facts about the benefits of doing Yoga

Everyone has to age ,but it is important you age gracefully .and not before time . yoga helps you detox ,thereby eliminating toxins and free radicals .This apart from other benefits ,helps delay aging too . yoga also relieves stress , which is another important factor to beat aging .

  • Increasing strength .

When you practice yoga .you use the weight of your own body to increase your strength. this is an amazing method of strength training.

  • Allows you to Maintain the ideal weight-

With the increase or regulate the metabolism , and a workout that helps you build lean muscle , yoga can work wonderfully to reduce , increase or maintain your ideal weight.

  • Reduces Stress-

When you are on the mat ,you focus on the practice. This means that all your attention is concentrated on the matter at hand and your mind slowly drains out the stress and troubles that are plaguing it .

. Balance-

Yoga also aims at increasing balances and focus as it allows you to gain control over your body . Regular practice will improve your ability the poses in the class and focus well outside the class .

  • Integrated function of the Body .

As mentioned above , yoga means union. When you start practicing yoga ,your mind starts to work in union with your body ,and this enhances movement and grace.